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Harvest Financial Partners Relationship Summary

Our Process: Efficient and Clear

At Harvest Financial Partners, we build our client portfolios stock by stock. Instead of spending a lot of time trying to determine the next turn of the stock market, the direction of interest rates, or the status of the economy, we choose the 30-40 best stocks for you. By researching individual companies, we can decide which stocks would be most favorable long-term holdings.

The companies we choose must possess three important attributes: they must pay a dividend, they must be of the highest quality, and they must be selling at a low valuation.

To be considered for a client’s portfolio, a company must pay a dividend. In addition, the yield must be greater than the broader market or the dividend must be growing rapidly.

We further narrow the universe by searching for the highest quality stocks. We know that high quality companies can better weather fluctuation in the market. They also provide more consistency in their earnings and cash flow. Determining quality is both an art and a science, but generally, we look for companies that have:

  1. A consistent track record of revenue, earnings and dividend growth.
  2. High (or rapidly improving) returns on equity and capital.
  3. Strong balance sheets.
  4. A proven management team.
  5. A sustainable competitive advantage.

Though companies may pass our dividend and quality tests, their stocks still do not automatically make it into our clients’ portfolios. The stock must be inexpensively priced when compared to earnings, cash flow and assets. In other words, we love it when good companies go on sale!


We want our clients to have financial success, therefore every stock matters to us. We devote a significant time researching and debating the investment merits of each stock up front. This initial time commitment reduces the risk of your portfolio.

As a client of Harvest Financial Partners, you can expect that your stock portfolio will have a dividend yield greater than the broad market. You can also expect that the underlying growth in dividends of your portfolio will be faster than the market.

Our investment process also maintains an element of discipline in selling stocks. As circumstances change and a stock no longer meets one of our criteria, we eliminate that stock from your portfolio. Because we are always seeking to improve our clients' portfolios, we may also sell a stock if we find something more attractive to replace it.

Our philosophy helps us to personally design a portfolio that meets your individual investment needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach to investing, but an approach that acknowledges each client as an individual.